Just watching this video gives us serious anxiety, but luckily this player clears this stage with ease — and they were only one of a handful players to accomplish this feat!

This player brings their Mario game to a whole new level in a video that showcases their expert gaming skills as they clear an unforgivingly difficult level on Mario Maker.

Just a little background information before the video! Super Mario Maker is a game for Nintendo’s unfairly-maligned, though actually pretty good Nintendo Wii U system. The game allows players the chance to create their very own Super Mario levels from scratch, and has led to some very interesting experiments, in addition to countless mediocrities.

The game was originally released in Japan in September 2015, and since that time players from around the world have used it to create millions of unique levels, like so many 8 and 16 bit snowflakes.


Some players have used these tools to quirky ends, crafting clever stages tastefully punctuated with carefully curated items and other surprising features. Other, more perverse minds have transformed this game into a kind of sadistic exercise in turtle abuse, spike navigation, and endless, insurmountable obstacle courses of loitering bomb-ombs and hot lava. Basically, what you might expect from a demented, yet secretly brilliant 10-year-old.

One of these creations that fall squarely into the camp of the impressively twisted is this little beauty. This punishing sequence of jumps and spikey walls must represent the work of someone with savant-like levels of patience, a creation that demands the player execute jumps with virtually no margin of error whatsoever or face a spikey fate. But as hard as it was to test and make this gem, clearing is another thing entirely.

▼This player managed to do it!

Not too shabby. Flawless execution, demanding oodles of coordination, reflexes, and sheer determination.

▼Not pictured: the countless attempts in which Mario got impaled


Japanese commenters almost universally praised the players talent, and some made very apt comparisons to Megaman X, a classic SNES platform game from Capcom, in which the protagonist would face an instant, grisly death after even slightly grazing against a spike.

For all of us long time Mario players out there, or for any of us that have ever struggled to execute one of those obnoxiously finicky wall-kicking moves in any game, this video offers more than enough to impress even the most grizzled of Mario veterans.

Sources: Hamusoku, Twitter/@_0213hayate
Top image: Nintendo/Photo by RocketNews24