Smartphone game sees the handsome teens’ attentions pulled away from their key chains and plushies.

There are a fascinating number of layers to the existence of the Sanrio Boys, or Sanrio Danshi, as they’re called in Japanese. Late last year, character-based merchandising powerhouse Sanrio, owner of Hello Kitty, debuted the group of five handsome teens, ostensibly as a way to promote its preexisting merchandise, since each young man has a favorite character from the company’s product lineup.

But the Sanrio Danshi have proven to be rather popular in their own right, so now they’re starring in a new smartphone dating simulator.

▼ Promotional video for Sanrio Danshi -I’ve Learned What Love Is-

While some of the Sanrio Danshi illustrations that’ve been produced to date seem willing to skirt the same-sex attraction tropes that have become so common in female-oriented anime and manga, the smartphone game casts the player as a woman who can enter into a love affair with the guy of her preference.

▼ From left to right, Kiki Lala-loving Ryo, My Melody-smitten Yu, Pom Pom Purin-passionate Kota, Hello Kitty-infatuated Shunsuke, and Cinnamoroll-infatuated Seiichiro



Like any good dating simulator, the game takes place on a high school campus with a tree that’s supposed to fulfill the wishes of young lovers. On the other hand, unlike many titles in the genre which obscure the face of the player’s in-game stand-in, the female lead’s facial features are clearly shown in certain pieces of artwork.



Sanrio Danshi -I’ve Learned What Love Is- is free to play, but as you might expect from a franchise with so much merchandising as its raison d’etre, there will be in-app purchases you can make to help tip the romantic scales in your favor. Download links for Android and iOS devices can be found here on the game’s official website.

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Source: IT Media
Images: YouTube/えすこいチャンネル

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