According to Nestlé Japan, this is the first new nationwide Kit Kat series they’ve released in six years.

Since the first high-end specialty Kit Kat Chocolatory store opened in Tokyo back in 2014, they’ve released some unique creations like limited edition chocolate wafers wrapped in gold and frozen make-your-own varieties doused in servings of liquid nitrogen. At the centre of the specialty chain’s lineup, however, is the popular Moleson, inspired by popular European “mendiant” confections, which are chocolate discs topped with dried fruits and nuts. Previously only available to customers lucky enough to visit one of the eight Kit Kat Chocolatory stores around the country, the popular Moleson has now been redesigned for mass production and released at stores throughout Japan.


Like the original Moleson, the new “Everyday Luxury” Kit Kat contains a topping of almonds and dried cranberries, which, instead of being carefully placed on top by hand, are now finely chopped and embedded on the chocolate’s surface.


To differentiate between the original hand-crafted version and this latest product, the packaging includes the note, “Inspired by Kit Kat Chocolatory Moleson”. According to Nestlé Japan, this new “Everyday Luxury” series is the first nationwide Kit Kat release they’ve had since they introduced their “Otona no Amasa” (“Sweetness for Adults”) line of chocolates six years ago.


The new Everyday Luxury Kit Kats will be available in a six-piece pack, released on September 12 for sale at convenience stores only for 220 yen (US$2.14), and a 105-gram (3.7-ounce) pack, which retails for 600 yen, available at stores and supermarkets around the country from 26 September.

Source, Images: Kit Kat Press Release