The magic of fairy tales has caught a hold of this young girl and won’t let go.

Disney fairy tales know exactly how to captivate audiences, as their interpretations of classic stories know just what is needed to entertain the viewer. The mix of song, story and characters combine to form incredibly strong memories, especially if we watch them at a young age.

One two-year-old in Japan who saw Disney’s Cinderella for the first time fell in love with the story of the glass slipper, and wanted so much to emulate the movie that she scoured the house to find a glass slipper to put on her own feet. Now, most homes probably don’t have a pair of glass shoes lying around, so she found the closest approximation she could find.

You are not mistaken, those are a couple of Wiimote protective covers standing in for Cinderella’s famous slippers. They probably aren’t the most supportive pieces of footwear, but since they are stretchy, they can fit a lot of various foot sizes. But the best part is, this isn’t the first time this has happened!

▼ Great minds think alike?

Another Twitter user had to respond to the first tweet with pictures of their little sister using the Wiimote covers for the exact same thing. With all this excitement over Cinderella’s famous shoes, you might wonder why Disney doesn’t have their own pair of glass slippers marketed at little girls. You’d be kidding yourself, because, of course Disney makes them.


Maybe they aren’t available in Japan? Or maybe these parents just aren’t willing to buy fancy shoes for a growing child. Whatever the reason, we’d be willing to wager that those Wiimote covers probably weren’t being put to much use anyway, so at least they are finding a new lease on life as glass slipper stand-ins.

Source, top image: Twitter/@shinobineeenaaa