Some cats are cute enough to be models, while others are so beloved they get to have their very own shoe collection.

With 182,000 followers on Instagram, Mash the two-year-old Exotic Shorthair has starred in a couple of popular photo books and even has his own set of Line mobile text message stamps to his name. Now, the cute kitty can add a women’s footwear collection to his list of adorable achievements, with the Mash x Randa collaboration range of furry flats and pumps featuring adorable details that pay homage to the handsome feline.


The new collection includes a pair of D’Orsay Fur Flats for 9,900 yen (US$96.41), with fluffy details in beige or cream, the two colours that feature on Mash’s thick coat of fur.


The same colour tones appear together as embellishments on the Square Toe Fur Pumps (9,900 yen), which come with either a beige or cream-coloured base. To add to the feline feel of the shoes, each one in the collection includes an eye-catching pink paw-print on the outer sole.


The most coveted design in the range is the Fur Pumps (14,900 yen), with a 4.5-centimetre (1.8-inch) high heel and a fur trim that covers the inner and outer side of the shoe. The pièce de résistance is the adorable cushiony cat face, which has been designed to look like Mash, complete with a pair of short, pointy ears, large eyes and long, white whiskers.


Each of the shoes in the collection comes in a cute box featuring an image of the adorable cat.


▼ And customers will also receive an exclusive tote bag to go with their purchase!


The limited edition Mash x Randa collaboration shoes will be on sale from 8 October, and can be purchased online from the official website or in person at Randa stores across the country. The cat-faced Fur Pumps, however, will be harder to get as they will only be available to purchase at 16 stores nationwide.

Source, Images: PR Times