Will these Yogibo slippers also make us useless? 

Yogibo is an American company that makes insanely comfortable bean-bag furniture and accessories. Their “sofa,” in fact, is advertised as being so comfortable that it turns people into “useless human beings.” We bought one years ago and it’s still one of the most comfortable chairs we could ever find.

Well, it turns out they also, apparently, make slippers. So of course, we had to try them and find out if they, too, would make us useless human beings.

We found these Yogibo “Room Shoes”, as they’re called on the Japanese Yogibo online shop, for 2,849 yen (US$19).

Through the open window of the packaging, we could tell that they were made from a very fine-textured cloth. It was similar to the silky smooth fabric of the sofa, and we couldn’t wait to take them out of the box and try them on. Apparently, they come six different colors including the “aqua blue” we chose: lime green, purple, navy blue, chocolate brown, and dark grey.

This is what they looked like when revealed in their full glory. They had a fluffy interior that looked really comfortable.

Their soles were so solid and thoroughly non-slip they looked almost like real shoes. No doubt they were perfectly safe to wear on any surface.

With a thorough external inspection complete, it was time for the most important test of all: Putting them on.

Wow…They were super warm.

These shoes come at you with everything they have to provide the ultimate comfort. The fluffy interior seemed to envelope our feet; it was extremely comfortable and provided the perfect level of heat retention.

We’re the type to get cold toes no matter how thick our socks are, so we were surprised to find that when we took the slippers off, our toes weren’t anywhere near the same level of icicle as usual. In fact, we’d even say they were only slightly cooler than body temperature, which, if you’re us, is a drastic change. Just by wearing these slippers, a problem we’d been plagued with for years was solved.

Walking around with the slippers on felt no different from walking barefoot. The anti-slip soles really worked, and there was nary a slip nor a slide in our stride.

Oh, yes…Do they make you into a useless human being? Well, we were so warm and cozy while wearing them, our toes so toasty, that we did get super sleepy in the morning as we were trying to get some work done. In fact, we almost feel asleep at our desks. So…yes. Probably.

Either way, now that we’ve tread the path of ultimate comfort and warm toes, we feel we cannot go back, so the potential for slothism is our burden to bear.

In short, the Yogibo Slippers, along with the sofa, earned our seal of approval. They’d probably make great gifts, especially paired with Yogibo Pokémon Huggers, but if you similarly suffer from a case of icicle toes, you’d likely benefit from a pair yourself. Just be sure to purchase with a healthy amount of respect for the slippers’ power to soothe and comfort, and be prepared for the consequences that lie therein.

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