Final Fantasy’s designer drew a Cinderella picture book, and it’s amazing【Photos】

A gorgeous take on the character that’s worlds apart from the Disney version, and can be read in English or Japanese.

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Are fairy tale books in Japan using too much “moe” anime-style art? Publisher defends its covers

Critics are calling the modern anime aesthetics “inappropriate,” but publisher says they’re missing the point.

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A rare case where it’s not Cinderella’s feet that everyone’s eyes are on.

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Adorable toddler is looking for prince charming with her unique “glass slippers”

The magic of fairy tales has caught a hold of this young girl and won’t let go.

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Extremely rare Cinderella Dollfie sells at auction for over $10,000

Disney and dollmaker Volks come together to create a one-of-a-kind Cinderella Super Dollfie, but its final price costs an arm and a leg, plus maybe a glass slipper or two.

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May all your fairy tale dreams come true, with these real wearable glass slippers!

For any of you who have ever wished for your own fairy tale ending, for your Prince Charming to come and sweep you off your feet and carry you away to his kingdom, or if you ever simply wondered what it would be like to wear shoes made of a material that could potentially shatter and cut your feet to bits, well then these real blown-glass, Cinderella-inspired slippers are just what you’ve been looking for!

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What if Cinderella was filmed in China? Chinese Weibo user works his Photoshop magic

Even if you’re familiar with the story of Disney’s Cinderella, you might not know that the name of the heroine is actually Ella, and the name Cinderella was given to her by her obnoxious step-sisters, who poked fun at how Ella was always covered in cinder.

Ironically, when we think of Cinderella, what first comes to mind is usually the image of a beautiful girl in a gorgeous blue dress and glass slippers, not the one of a dirty, dusty peasant girl. If the filmmakers of the live-action movie had filmed on location in some parts of China, perhaps we would have gotten to see a really dusty version of Cinderella, just like what this Weibo user has depicted!

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Tokyo Disneyland Sees Its First Ever Wedding at Cinderella’s Castle, Fairy Magic Starts At US$96,000

Flying in the face of the popular urban myth that couples who visit Tokyo Disneyland always leave single, on Friday, September 28, Takayuki Abiko and his bride Mayumi Kagoshi became the first couple ever to marry at Tokyo Disneyland’s Cinderella castle, inducing excited gasps and striking fear into the hearts of many across the land.

The “Disney Royal Dream Wedding” plan only began taking reservations at the beginning of September this year, giving Takayuki and Mayumi the privilege of being the first couple ever to exchange rows of love in the gigantic fairytale ballroom, and throwing them into the media spotlight. Read More