Disney and dollmaker Volks come together to create a one-of-a-kind Cinderella Super Dollfie, but its final price costs an arm and a leg, plus maybe a glass slipper or two.

Dollfies, producted by the Japanese brand Volks, have become one of the top-selling Asian ball-jointed dolls among collectors and enthusiasts since their debut in 1997. But these dolls aren’t for children. With fully customizable eyes, heads, and paint jobs, they go for US$400-$2,000, depending on the model, with some limited edition releases fetching even higher prices.

Since 2011, Tokyo Disneyland has been home to the D23 Expo Japan, described as the ultimate event for Disney fans, and the 2015 Expo held from November 6-8 was no different.

In addition to having life-sized versions of Ana, Elsa, and Cinderella’s outfits on display, a one-of-a-kind Super Dollfie version of Cinderella made an appearance.

▼ Cinderella’s eyes look awfully red… Could there be trouble after Happily Ever After?

The doll was auctioned off on Yahoo! Auctions, and went for 1,300,000 yen (approximately $10,500). If you think that’s pricey, Volks also created a Jack Skellington doll for the D23 auction in 2013 which netted 2,100,000 yen, along with Rapunzel which had a final bid of 703,000 yen.

▼ Jack

Netizens have already been speculating whether or not both companies have plans to unveil other characters in the future, with some hopeful for a possible Aladdin, Ariel, or Tinkerbell release.

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Top image: Twitter/@volks_doll