Fluffiness cited as a deciding factor by judge.

With its unabashed admiration of the female form, Japan has many ways to talk about breasts. One of the newer additions to the mammary-related lexicon is bioppai, “beautiful boobs,” and earlier this week a team of judges carried out the solemn task of picking a winner for Bioppai Contest 2016.

As one would guess from the name, the purpose of the contest is to determine the most beautiful breasts in Japan. The organizers additionally hold that the contest evaluates entrants’ breasts “from a female perspective,” although the accuracy of this claim is sort of suspect, seeing as how only three of the five judges for this year’s contest are women.

Nevertheless, the panel has reached its decision, and has awarded the Bioppai Contest 2016 grand prix to Ryoko Nakaoka.

▼ Nakaoka (wearing a tiara) appears with her fellow Bioppai Contest 2016 finalists.

▼ The final six

Nakaoka, a 23-year-old Tokyoite, says in her self-introduction that she spent much of her childhood playing sports, including swimming and table tennis. As such, she was concerned that the quality of her skin would be too rough to secure a high evaluation from the judges, but such fears proved unnecessary.

▼ The judges pose with this year’s winner.

“Her breasts have a good shape,” commented panel member and media personality Maggie, seen standing to Nakaoka’s left in the above photo, “and you just want to touch them because they’re so fluffy, which was really the deciding factor.”

▼ The Bioppai trophy is surprisingly conical for something honoring such spherical physical assets.

As part of her prize package, Nakaoka will be appearing in the pages of fashion publication Free Magazine, but if you can’t wait for that, you can also see more of her on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Source: Sankei Photo
Top image: YouTube/SankeiNews
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