Winner of the Bioppai (“beautiful breasts”) Contest 2016 expresses interest in foreign adventures.

Japan’s most beautiful breasts may soon be losing their overseas virginity. Ryoko Nakaoka, the 2016 winner of Japan’s most beautiful breasts competition, says she has never been overseas but would like to travel to Indonesia if she gets the chance.

▼ Nakaoka posing after winning the 2016 Bioppai Contest

The 23-year-old from Tokyo said if she was offered work as a model or actress, she’d “gladly like to go to Indonesia”. Nakaoka expressed a specific interest in Bali, saying, “I definitely want to go there”.

Given her expression of interest to start traveling overseas, she may see an influx of offers coming from all over the world – surely Japan’s most beautiful breasts will be highly sought after by businesses around the globe.

▼ Nakaoka says she was nervous for her photo shoot.

Nakaoka won the 2016 Bioppai Contest just last month, which was presided over by a panel of five judges. The entrants’ breasts were evaluated from a “female perspective” although two of the five judges were men.

▼ Nakaoka standing with the five judges after winning the 2016 Bioppai Contest.

One of the judges, media personality Maggie, said Nakaoka’s “breasts have a good shape… and you just want to touch them because they’re so fluffy, which was really the deciding factor.”

Nakaoka’s victory has boosted her career in modelling with the winning prize being a chance to appear in the pages of the fashion publication Free Magazine. No news yet on whether or not she’ll be fully dressed for the photo shoot, but if she is required to wear clothing, we think some keyhole lingerie or a strappy bondage bikini would show off her prize-winning assets nicely.

Source: TRIBUNNEWS (h/t NextShark)
Featured image: Instagram/Ryoko1792