Let this perky pup with the perfectly groomed spherical head in South Korea lift your spirits mid-week.

At not even two years of age, Tori the Bichon Frise (@bichon_tori) has already amassed an Instagram following of 83,100 devoted fans and counting. The internet’s been captivated by the little doggie, who calls Daegu, South Korea home — and perhaps a lot of it has to do with her perpetually perfectly groomed head of hair, which gives her the appearance of a very lifelike doll:

▼ Without the size difference, it would be hard to tell the dog from the toy.

Of course, Tori herself probably isn’t too concerned with the state of her own ‘do. Besides styling, she enjoys engaging in other pastimes popular with small dogs, such as going for drives:

Dressing up in cute costumes:

Silently judging us for making her wear those cute costumes:

Yawning adorably:

Running in circles:

And just being generally stinkin’ cute:

Tori also has the unusual ability of curling up into a ready-made disguise of cotton candy:

▼ Hopefully no one tries taking a bite out of this.

▼ Excuse me, sir, but are you quite aware that you’re walking a cloud on a leash?

Some net users also noticed a similarity between Tori and Shiro (known as “Whitey” or “Lucky” in the English dubs), the pet pooch in world-famous animation Crayon Shin-chan:

In any case, we sure hope Tori is here to stay and will continue making the internet so much better.

▼ A final bonus adorable snapshot

Source: CuRAZY
Top image: Instagram/bichon_tori