So, in his mind, does that mean he beat the game?

This month’s release of PlayStation VR is another step in virtual reality’s progression from speculative technology to everyday entertainment. But with at-home VR still being such a new thing, some of the peripheral’s compatible titles could be more accurately described as experiences than games.

Take, for example, Bandai Namco’s Summer Lesson. Instead of putting you in the role of an adventuring swordsman or fierce space marine, Summer Lesson casts you as a tutor helping young ladies with their studies. As such, Summer Lesson doesn’t seem to have anything comparable to a final level, last boss, or any other sort of traditional video game objective.

Unless, of course, you count the challenge of getting a peek at the female character’s panties, in which case Yuu, of Japanese YouTube channel yuu GameTV, has just beaten the game.

As the game starts, the tutor is supposed to be seated in the bedroom of pupil Hikari Miyamoto, so the most immersive way to play would be for the player to sit down as well. However, Yuu instead stands up, at a distance about three meters (9.8 feet) away from the PlayStation’s camera.


Whether due to design or a glitch, this effectively gives the player an out-of-body experience, as he’s able to see the tutor’s shadow silhouette. Once Yukari enters, Yuu walks towards the camera, which allows him to take up a position behind the schoolgirl.


Once situated like this, all he has to do is continue playing until the point where Hikari walks out of the room. With the screen fading to black, by craning his neck just so, Yuu is able to catch a glimpse of her undies.


As the video goes on, Yuu demonstrates other ways to see the character’s panties. By continuing to exploit the discrepancy between where the game thinks he’s sitting and the perspective the camera is actually giving him, he’s able to cause clipping errors in the polygonal models for the character and her clothing, which essentially allows him to stick his entire head up her skirt.


The glitchiness of the graphics in certain spots of the video suggest that at least some of the techniques Yuu employs are things that Bandai Namco wasn’t aware of. Still, if the developer wants to preserve Yukari’s modesty, they might want to redouble their efforts in checking camera angles, or possibly give her some censoring tights in a future patch.

Source: Otakomu via Hachima Kiko
Images: YouTube/yuu GameTV