Announcements revealed the price point and game details that suggest you’ll soon be able to do more than just tutor a Japanese high school girl in her room.

PlayStation live-streamed its entire 90-minute press conference on YouTube yesterday, and one of the moments that made everyone sit up and take notice was when the new trailer for Bandai Namco’s Summer Lesson appeared on screen.

▼ Take a look at the trailer below.

The trailer begins with Japanese student Hikari Miyamoto rushing over, saying, “Teacher – are you okay? Were you off in a daze?”


The clip goes on to reveal the impressive “Sense of Presence” and “Human Interaction” that players can enjoy while playing the game, which is already one of the most hotly anticipated virtual reality experiences.


The game made news last year when two introductory demos were revealed, wherein the gamer, acting as a tutor, was placed in either the bedroom of a Japanese high school girl or a beachside house occupied by a blonde-haired American student. While there was no mention of the American character at the press conference, a few new reveals were made for the Japanese schoolgirl storyline.

▼ Soon you’ll be able to take her from the house and to the outside world.


▼ There’ll also be options for more intriguing scenarios with the character in the future.


Sold under its official title, Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto Seven Days Room (Basic Game Pack), the game is set to launch alongside PlayStation VR on 13 October for 2,980 yen (US$28.93).

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: YouTube/PlayStation Japan
Screenshots: YouTube/PlayStation Japan