New game saves you the awkwardness of having to ask a real girl, “Hey, would you mind poking me in the chest?”

As the most immersive form of electronic entertainment we have today, virtual reality can let you do some amazing things, like take to the skies to protect Tokyo from a rampaging Godzilla or go on a gallant quest in the fantasy landscape of the Dragon Quest franchise. Now Tokyo-based VR developer IVR is set to give gamers a detailed simulation of another thrilling experience: getting poked in the chest by a cute girl!

On August 1, the company will be releasing Tsun Tsun VR through Steam. Tsun tsun is the Japanese onomatopoeia for poking or spikiness, and just like the title promises, Tsun Tsun VR’s selling point is that is allows you to feel an anime girl’s slender yet firm fingertips stabbing you in the torso, by means of a tactile feedback vest that you wear while playing it.

IVR proudly describes Tsun Tsun VR with:

The world of Ready Player One has come true! In this game, you can experience having a girl poke your body. Through the experience of actually being touched by a VR girl, we have given birth to an unprecedented sense of immersion.”

▼ We must have missed the part of Ready Player One where the heroes stop their treasure hunt to get poked by anime girls.

VR titles tend to occupy differing points along a scale between “game” and “experience,” and Tsun Tsun VR seems closer to the latter, since getting poked in the chest by pink-tressed Koino Katsiki seems to make up the bulk of the content, with some occasional hugging being the only other gameplay wrinkle.

▼ Given the scary look in her eyes, though, we’re not sure how gentle her embrace is.

In the future, IVR plans to add a feature by which players can swap in different avatars for Koino as well as increase the number of supported feedback devices, including shirts that can provide feedback to the arms (currently the game, which can be found on Steam here, is only playable with the Tactot vest, manufactured by bHaptics). Who knows? Maybe if the response is strong enough, IVR will team up with the makers of Japan’s interactive talking anime girl huggy pillow, unless they think the cushion’s softness would destroy the illusion of getting firmly poked in the chest.

Source: Steam via IT Media
Images: Steam