And yes, the grooms will be required to wear tuxedos at the private ceremonies with their video game brides.

In a more innocent time, Niitzuma LovelyxCation, the latest romance video game from developer Hibiki Works, could have relied on its graphic sex scenes to help it stand out. But in the modern era, the market is crowded with kinky titles, and Niitzuma, which means “new wife,” needs another hook.

Hibiki Works’ idea is to let players court the object of their affection in the early part of the game, and then let the gameplay experience continue on into their blissful, physically affectionate married life, as alluded to in the game’s opening animation.

But to really help sell the illusion of a virtual marriage, Hibiki Works has announced that it will be holding a virtual reality marriage ceremony in which fans/“grooms” will be able to experience the rush of emotions as they and their virtual brides exchange wedding vows.

This isn’t just some simple VR program that you download for use at home, though. The Niitzuma wedding ceremony will be held at an actual wedding chapel at a yet-undisclosed location in Tokyo.

As is fitting for a proper wedding ceremony, the grooms will change into formal tuxedos upon arrival at the chapel, and be assisted by a wedding coordinator.

Each wedding will be carried out in private, with whichever groom’s turn it is stepping up to the alter and slipping on a VR headset to rendezvous with his choice of blushing bride from Niitzuma, meaning he’ll be saying “I do” to either Yuki Isurugi…

…Aiko Kurihara…

…or Nono Naruse.

It’s actually a pretty confident marketing move, given that the PC game’s release isn’t even happening until later this month on April 28. Never the less, Hibiki Works is confident that it’ll be able to find an undisclosed number of husbands for the game’s three stars. The ceremony will be held on June 30, and further details regarding applications, which will be accepted between April 28 and May 28, can be found on the event’s official website here.

Source: Hibiki Works via Otakomu
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