Tokyo Skytree’s operators recently announced a VR viewing experience exclusively available for rainy days, letting guests enjoy Skytree’s amazing views in perpetual VR sunshine.

The Tokyo Skytree has a couple of problems: It lacks the nostalgic, low-tech charm of Tokyo Tower, it’s kind of out of the way, and most of all, it’s super expensive for an elevator ticket to the top. That means a trip to the Skytree is a wallet-draining gamble against inclement weather, with a foggy, cloudy or rainy day basically ruining the view from the Skytree’s 495 meter-high observation deck.

In an attempt to placate guests unfortunate enough to show up to the Skytree in bad weather, the tower’s operators will be introducing VR observation scopes that will depict the view around the observation deck amidst perpetual blue skies.


In addition to a standard viewing option, which will be available in both daytime and nighttime modes, the VR scopes will also feature a game mode that tasks visitors with stepping out onto a virtual balcony to clean the windows of the observation deck, although why one would opt in to what amounts to virtual janitorial duty is beyond us.

The Skytree has struggled with wooing guests away from its de facto rival, Tokyo Tower. Aside from its long-established presence, Tokyo Tower also enjoys a more central location deep in the heart of Tokyo proper, while the Skytree occupies a spot on Tokyo’s east-end Shitamachi area. Despite its designation as the world’s tallest freestanding tower, the Tokyo Skytree has been plagued by problems, not least of which include potentially dangerous falling snow and icicles in cold weather. The new VR booths may be a bid to re-energize the Tokyo Skytree brand.


Guests will be able to indulge in the new VR viewing experience starting July 1.

Source: ITMedia
Photos: Tobu Group