RocketNews24’s P.K. Sanjun goes in search of the overall ages where women are at their hottest. His finds both surprised him and proved a little controversial.

One day, while P.K. was snacking on a donut and thinking about women, a question popped into his head: “At what age is a woman really in her prime both physically and mentally?”

Then, realizing he had a wealth of information at his fingertips, he turned to his computer and chanted, “Computer, computer on my desk, at what age is a woman at her bes…k?” Then, after five minutes of nothing happening, he decided to do it the old-fashioned way and googled it.

Right away he got a survey by Japan’s largest matchmaking service, IBJ, regarding women’s “mote period” or age bracket when they are considered to be the most attractive to others. They analyzed the data of 1,549 female members to find when most are getting married.

The above chart indicates that there is a 10 percent jump in marriages from women in their 20s to their 30s. Furthermore, the marriage rate peaks in the late-30s (35 to 39). Now, this of course could simply be because most IBJ members would be in their 30s and ready to settle down.

That’s correct, but IBJ then looked at which age groups of women got the most attention from male members. Again, the 35 to 39 range topped the chart with women that age getting an average of 82 requests to meet per woman.

Therefore, since most men appear to be looking for women in their late-30s and the marriage rate at that age is also high, it would seem that most men are seeking out and keeping women in this “prime age-range.” P.K. was compelled by this logic, but decided to take it to the streets and ask random men what they thought of it.

“They still look good on the outside and inside they are well-matured, so the 30s are definitely better than the 20s.”
“That sounds right. Women in their 20s are too young and 40s are too old… Yeah, I think 30s are the best years.”
“I think men are softer nowadays, so they think women in their late 30s are more likely to be easygoing.”
“I think a woman starts getting great at 25 and really starts to take off when she’s in her 30s. Teens are boring. Anything up to 50 is totally fine.”
“Is this data from a marriage company? Well, of course people in their 30s are looking for other people the same age! Quit wasting my time.”

Although a little rude, that last person did make a strong point against IBJ’s findings and gave P.K. a pause for thought. Rather than lumping everyone into age groups, maybe everyone just hits their stride at their own pace.

And perhaps rather than looking for women (or men for that matter) that come to you prepackaged as “hot”, it’s best to consider what aspects make any potential partner “hot” to you and try to bring more of that out in them through support and encouragement. Then you’ll be with someone whose mote period lasts forever.

Source, charts: (Japanese)
Original article by P.K. Sanjun
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