We promise it will magically warm and fill your empty stomach.

Nabe (hot pot) is one of the most perfect dishes to eat in winter. A wonderful assortment of meats and vegetables are cooked in a hearty stock that will certainly help thaw a person out on even the coldest day. There are several varieties of nabe, but they generally boil down to a soup stock that smells and tastes amazing and has an earthy color.

But you no longer have to be stuck with boring normal-colored nabe, as there appears to be a new kind of hot pot making a splash on Twitter with its own hashtag. It has not only become popular because of the curious name, but also due to the vibrant purple color of the stock.

▼ What evil has befallen this nabe?!?

Aptly called majo nabe (witch hot pot), this vividly violet meal does look like something a witch would brew. The shade of purple that the soup stock takes on is almost unnatural in its looks, but it’s surprisingly made from all natural ingredients.

▼ So…a good witch made these?

These include red cabbage, murasaki imo (purple potatoes), purple broccoli, and beni imo (purple yams). By boiling the veggies and extracting their color, you end up with a rich purple hue that can easily be added to chicken, vegetable or beef stock. The result is not only a warm dish to stave off the cold, but a colorful dish that’s become hashtag worthy on Twitter.

Source: Matome Naver
Featured image: Twitter/@ayaling0421