Apparently Calpis is good in soup? We try mixing it in with hot pot【SoraKitchen】

Is the popular milky soft drink too sweet for cooking, or the perfect addition? We find out!

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New Japanese hotpot restaurant directs you to melt an adorable bear like a movie villain

If you go down to Kuma-chan Onsen today, you’re in for a big surprise…

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Dine out and isolate at the same time at Tokyo’s Prison Restaurant: The Lockup

The Lockup is ringing in the holidays with a very special skull-themed hotpot!

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We try a traditional Tokyo dish of stewed loaches, encounter something we’ve never seen before

A taste of the Edo-period past, and a new encounter

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We revolutionize tapioca tea by making a savory hot pot dinner with both ingredients【SoraKitchen】

We tinker with the tapioca trend to make some scrumptious hotpot!

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Fast food sukiyaki: One of the greatest things about autumn/winter in Japan!

Want to try Japan’s most famous hot pot, but don’t want to drop big bucks for it? Yoshinoya, plus one other amazing budget-friendly restaurant, are here to help.

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Beat the winter blues with an insect hotpot filled with crickets, worms, and giant water bugs

Why wait for the collapse of civilization to enjoy this unique blend of flavors?

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Our Japanese staff holds an extreme potluck with the legendary “Dark Nabe”

Join us as we dabble in the dark culinary arts with a hot pot not for the faint of heart.

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Purple Witch Hot Pot is the newest Japanese Twitter craze and it looks deliciously poisonous

We promise it will magically warm and fill your empty stomach.

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10 distinctly Japanese comfort foods

Comfort food” is traditional cooking that tends to have a nostalgic or sentimental connection, often one related to family or childhood: the grilled cheese sandwiches your mother used to make; the thought of your grandmother’s bread pudding makes your mouth water; the way the whole house would be filled with the intoxicating aroma of roasted turkey or ham at Christmas? Because of such memories, these foods comfort us, especially when we’re longing for home or feeling especially vulnerable.

Not surprisingly, the sentimental Japanese have their own comfort foods. While you might think they’d be waxing over the octopus tentacles of home, very few of the dishes we’re about to talk about have much to do with seafood. Many Japanese comfort foods have a rice connection and may even center around the unique relationship between mothers or wives and their role in family food preparation. And in Japan, make no mistake about it–her kitchen rules!

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The ultimate in kawaii cookware — Mickey and friends turn themselves into adorable pots!

Here in Japan, we love hot pots, or nabe, especially during the cold winter months. Nabe can be cooked using a wide range of ingredients, from delicate seafood like pufferfish (fugu) to succulent wagyu beef, and they’re often served with plenty of vegetables too, so the dishes are filling and relatively healthy as well.

Now, these hot pots are usually all about savoring the various ingredients, but a reporter from our sister site Pouch found some nabe pots that are so adorable that just looking at them is bound to put a smile on your face. Yes, our favorite friends from Disney have turned themselves into pots for our dining and viewing pleasure! Even if you’re not a die-hard Disney fan, these pots are guaranteed to add some extra fun to your meal.

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“Dude, where’s my cat?” Check in the rice cooker!

Cats are always sticking their noses…and heads and butts and, well, their whole bodies where they just don’t belong. Working on an important business report? Cat on the keyboard! Trying to cook? Cat face in your mixing bowl! Strange noises in your closet freaking you out at night? Cat doing…something in there. We still have no idea what.

While we all love a cute kitty, it’s impossible to avoid the fact that they simply have an innate desire to get in the way or into just about everything. One Japanese Twitter user learned this the funny way when his cat just…disappeared!

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