It doesn’t take a wind god and a thunder god to explain how good your car is, but it certainly helps.

Car makers have to compete with a lot of other companies to get people to buy their cars. Not only are they battling against outsiders, but they also compete against themselves as plenty of prospective buyers aren’t attached to one particular make or style. One of the best ways to distinguish themselves is to make an undeniably cool car commercial, but with so many commercials already out there, what is an advertising executive supposed to do? How about looking way into the past for inspiration?

The Toyota Mark X is classified as an executive car which means it’s larger than a family car, so they are up against a lot of stiff competition. Plenty of European car manufacturers make an executive car so Toyota already has to compete with the “coolness” factor of a Mercedes or BMW.

That’s OK though, because Japan’s biggest car manufacturer went to its cultural roots to show how the Mark X is extra special. Filmed in the dark with three different colored cars, drivers and artists worked together to paint the instantly recognizable Fujin Raijin-zu (Wind God and Thunder God painted screen) with lights and fast-moving executive cars.

▼ On your Mark (X)!


▼ Get set…


▼ Paint!


This intricate ballet in the darkness is played out over the two minute clip, but it’s still enough time to marvel at just what it is they are doing.

▼ Ta da!


Even if you aren’t an historical Japanese art aficionado, you still can marvel at the driving skills necessary to pull this off. Needless to say, if RocketNews24 is in the market for a new car, or a gigantic paintbrush, no other car has proven itself quite like the Toyota Mark X.

And if you want to see other interpretations of Fujin Raijin-zu, check them out re-imagined as the Super Mario Brothers, or as cookies. It’s certainly the most delicious way to enjoy the artwork that we’ve ever seen.

Source, images: YouTube/toyotajpchannel