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You mean we’re supposed to eat these?!

Last week we showed you how to make some awesome food art of your own with easy DIY banana dolphins. This week, however, we have something that’s just as cool, but not something you can make at home…unless you’re a level-100 cookie-crafter.

Chihiro Ogura runs the independent custom-cooking baking company ANTOLPO, and she shows off her creations on her Instagram. But these are no ordinary cookies – they’re sculpted from dough and icing with the exact same level of expertise as a professional artist.

Here’s a sample of some of her work:

▼ Rooster cookies done in the style of Ito Jakuchu,
the Edo-period artist famous for his bird paintings.

▼ The level of detail is incredible.
Remember, this was all made just using icing on a cookie!

▼ Honestly I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to eat one of these; it’d feel like ripping a painting off a wall and shoving it in my mouth.

▼ Some cute koi nobori (carp streamers).

▼ And hina matsuri dolls that look far more like dolls than cookies.

▼ You may be at a slight disadvantage if you wear this samurai armor
into battle…unless it’s a cook-off!

▼ Fujin (god of wind) and Raijin (god of thunder/lightning)
cooking baking up a storm!

▼ But not all of ANTOLPO’s cookies are based off Japanese art.
Case in point, here’s a New Year’s rainbow unicorn!

▼ Fujin and Raijin are back…in adorable cat form!

▼ And finally, an alpaca wearing a crown. Because alpaca.

We’ve only shown you the tip of the icing-berg here, so if you want to see more of ANTOLPO’s unbelievable cookie creations, be sure to check out their Instagram. And if you’d like some of ANTOLPO’s creations for yourself, then send an order through their website. They only accept payment via Japanese bank transfer and ship only within Japan, but if you fulfill those requirements, then you can request any cookie you like.

The possibilities are endless. You could even get rainbow sushi cookies!

Source: Instagram/antolpo
Top image: Instagram/antolpo (1, 2) (Edited by RocketNews24)