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The sudden rise to cult fame of two of Japan’s most beloved crossdressing bearded men, Japanese native “Sailor Suit Old Man” and foreign newcomer Ladybeard, should have been something we had anticipated. Ever since The Kids in the Hall and Monty Python made men dressing like girls more or less acceptable as long as it’s being done ironically, we’ve seen a spate of crossdressing performers rocket to stardom all over the world.

But with these two kawaii titans standing on the brink of Japan-wide fame, it begs the question: Which one would win in a knock-down, drag-out wrestling match?

Well, juku “cram school” Waseda Juku stops short of bringing us a definitive answer, but they’ve brought us an amusing new television commercial that features the two bearded stars battling it out. In the commercial, Sailor Suit Old Man, despite being, let’s just say up there in age, holds his own against the experienced pro wrestler Ladybeard; and, despite looking like one of the two is going down for the count, the combatants call the whole thing off in the name of English language education.

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Waseda Juku offers preparation lessons for the TOEFL – the highly sought-after English proficiency certificate that can net Japanese students access to better colleges and career opportunities. And, if Sailor Suit Old Man’s surprisingly impeccable English is any indication, the lessons really work! 

Source: IT Media