Several visitors to the doujin anime, game, and manga convention Comiket have reported peculiar clouds generated by the heat and sweat of everyone present.

It’s called the Comiket Cloud (komike kumo); a misty and possibly smelly phenomenon lingering over Tokyo Big Sight where Comiket (Comic Market) 90 was being held from 12 to 14 August. There have been legends about the Comiket Cloud for years now, and the excessive heat of this summer has led to a spike in sightings.

This photo was taken from a different time, but is a good example of a typical Comiket Cloud.

Let’s take a look at how the Comiket Cloud is believed to form:

This phenomenon also occurs in other places where large groups of people gather during hot weather. Nevertheless, it seems that in Japan “Comiket Cloud” is fast becoming the accepted term for it.

“It looks like a Comiket Cloud is appearing! Is this dome okay? LOL”

“Oh no! A Comiket Cloud is growing.”

“It’s like a Comiket Cloud (except it smells good).”

With its numerous sightings over the years, the Comiket Cloud, like the prevalent smell, is just another part of the convention’s experience. However, some are fearing a possible next step in this weather pattern.

If a Comiket Cloud so strong were to form, it may produce the dreaded Comiket Rain (komike ame). It is unknown what impact this condensed and precipitating perspiration of thousands of otaku would have on the people and environment underneath, but I know I wouldn’t want to be there to find out.

▼ “It’s the Comiket Cloud! It’s Otaku Rain!”

It’s too late for this summer, but if you happen to go to any future Comiket events, especially in the summer, be sure to pack an umbrella…or just cosplay as a character that usually carries one around and kill two birds with one stone.

Source: Twitter/コミケ雲, Byokan Sunday (Japanese)
Top Image: Wikipedia/Fir0002 (Cropped by RocketNews24)
Diagram: RocketNews24