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On every month that has 31 days, if you go into a Baskin Robbins in Japan (where the chain is more commonly known simply as “Thirty-One”), you can get a 31-percent discount on double and triple scoop orders of ice cream. Sadly, with only 30 days in September, your next chance to indulge your sweet tooth on the cheap won’t come until October 31.

As long as you’re willing to pay regular price, though, you won’t have to wait nearly so long to try out their cool Halloween treats, which go on sale this month.

Basin Robbins is rolling out a Halloween-themed feast for the taste buds and the eyes as part of its annual Wonderful Halloween promotion. Four special flavors will be available for a limited time, with the one we’re most interested in being Spooky Cookie, blueberry ice cream with cookie chunks mixed in.

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There’s also the awesomely named Ghost World, with a two-tone color pallet evocative of ghosts rising out of the inky darkness (or marble chocolate, if you’re in a less dramatic mood). Witch’s Trick is a mixed apple and grape sherbet, and finally, the refreshingly straightforward Pumpkin Pudding is exactly what it sounds like.

▼ The Halloween Variety Pack

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Aside being available in cones and cups, some of the new flavors are included as part of the Caramel Pumpkin and Chocolate Crunch Halloween Sundaes.

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Cuter still are the Halloween Happy Dolls, which are kind of like entirely edible cosplay for ice cream.

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▼ We get the kitty, since cats are traditional witches’ familiars, but what’s with the rabbit?

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▼ Ahh, now we see why there’s a bunny. It’s because even though Halloween is a seasonal event, cuteness continues year-round in Japan.

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If you prefer your sweets in drinkable form, Baskin Robbins will also be selling two varieties of Magical Shakes, and there’s also a Jack-o’-Lantern Pumpkin Party Cake.

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All these frighteningly tempting treats will be available from September 26 to October 31. We realize three weeks is a long time to wait to indulge your sweet tooth and inner tick-or-treater, though, and if you just can’t hold out that long, we promise not to tell Baskin Robbins if you cheat on them by visiting Krispy Kreme for a Halloween donut in the meantime.

Source, images: Baskin Robbins
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