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We have bid farewell to the year of the horse, and welcomed in the Year of the Sheep. New Year’s decorations, greeting cards, and the like are all adorned with more sweet, fluffy little lambs than you could shake one of their tails at. It almost makes you want to get an adorable little baby fleecey bundle for your own. I mean, sheep are allowed in apartments, right? Right!?

Or maybe it would just be easier to transform your dog into a sheep for the New Year instead!

In this new Year of the Sheep, Etsy seller Anothersummer is offering the perfect outfit for pet parents to adorn their fur baby with.

For the fashionable dog in your life, or the one who has everything, these soft, fuzzy “White Wool Sheep Dog Clothes” are the perfect addition to any canine wardrobe.

And big dog owners, rejoice! For doggy clothes aren’t just for Tokyo’s purse-sized pups anymore. Anothersummer offers these wintery pooch sweaters in sizes from XS to XXL, so no matter your dog’s size, you can have your very own sheep-dog in no time.

Made with both polar and coral fleece, and a hood complete with little sheepy ears, your best bud can stay bundled up and cozy this winter too.  These sweaters ship worldwide from Hong Kong, and starting at only US$18, they won’t break the baank either!

So while us city-dwellers may never know the joy of having a real little lamb (fleece as white as snow) prancing around the house, we can at least pretend.

▼Because omg why wouldn’t you want one?

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▼Almost as good as the real thing, right?

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sheep sweater3

No dog to dress up? I can imagine this would be pretty darn cute on a human baby too. (Warning: Do not attempt to dress the cat, it may kill you.)

Source/images: Etsy