Watch this resolute stand-off dissolve into joyous jumping thanks to a simple trick by the pup’s owner.

For some dogs in Japan, the chance to run around outdoors, away from the confines of a small apartment or a house with no backyard, is an excursion they never want to end. Social media platforms like Twitter are filled with photos of “Kaeritakunai Inu” or “Dogs who don’t want to return home“, showing pups of all shapes and sizes digging their heels in and trying all sorts of tactics to avoid the inevitable end to walkies. One Twitter user is helping owners out with a simple trick to get dogs moving all on their own and for this canine and its human, it takes absolutely no time at all.

All it takes to coax this dog into submission is the crinkling of a plastic wrapper! Puchi-chan, the 11 year-old Shiba Inu in the clip, looks stern and resolute while pulling away from her owner on the lead, but as soon as she hears the crinkling of the wrapper she can’t contain her excitement, jumping up immediately and ending the standoff as the two continue on their way.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 3.00.49 PM

The packaged snack used in the clip is a Yukari prawn cracker, a well-known brand made for human consumption. According to Puchi chan’s owner, @116notk, the dog has never eaten this treat before, so it’s not this snack especially that has the pup jumping for joy. The sound of the wrapping though, holds all the promise of a tasty dog treat and is all it takes to change the pup’s behaviour. It’s a good excuse to keep a snack in the pocket at all times!

Source: ITMedia
Images: Twitter/@116notk