When someone says “you eat like an animal!” they probably didn’t mean this!

The new year has been going to the cats and dogs so far, but we can’t forget about all the other lovable animals that people love to call pets. Birds, fish and even sugar gliders are popular companions, but one can never forget about the furry cutie, the hamster! One proud hamster owner posted a picture on Twitter showing off the eating habits of their respectable rodent.

“The way my hamster eats dried sardines is especially thorough.”
(Above fish is before eating, bottom fish is after.)

We’ve heard about picky eaters, but this is borderline obsessive compulsive! What may make it even more surprising to a Japanese audience is their affinity to simply eat the bones on a fish. There probably isn’t much nutritional value to the pointy skeleton of fish, but there are so many small fish in the Japanese diet that stopping to pick out all the bones is more hassle than it’s worth. Why not just let the digestive system handle the sorting?

This hamster clearly has a much more “polite” personality, as it leaves the skeleton, along with the skull, essentially intact. It’s hard to imagine a hamster being so careful, especially considering what you normally see hamsters do with their food.

▼ A typical hamster in eating action.

We hope this little hamster has other adorably polite eating habits as we’d like to see it eat some corn or a hamster-sized burrito. Hamsters make for some great pets because they are pretty clean, loyal and can do just the cutest things sometimes. It’s just a special bonus when you discover that your hamster eats with more class and manners than you do!

Source: Hamsoku
Featured image: Twitter/@raichi0215