Do you even dust, bro?

There are a ton of different types of maid cafes in Japan, catering to all sorts of tastes, ranging from Shangrila’s “plump” maids to Ita-Cafe’s uniformed Russian girls.

But what about people who’d like maids to assist them in other aspects of life besides being served food, other aspects such as… pumping iron at the gym?

Now that muscle-laden dream will become a reality with the opening of the first MAID GYM in Akihabara.

▼ “Excellent work, master! You’re getting stronger every day.”


The organization making this possible is the MAID GYM project, a crowdfunding project on Japanese website Campfire that reached its monetary goal with still over a month remaining and funding still coming in. It seems as though the idea of working out with maids is a pretty popular one.

Here’s a video put out by MAID GYM project, to show off the one-on-one training assistance that the maids will provide:

▼ “Don’t worry, I’ll count for you. One, two, three….”


▼ “Impressive abs, master!
Would you like me to wash some clothes on them?”


▼ “Don’t worry, you won’t fall as long as I’ve got you.
Now, let’s work those obliques!”


▼ “I’ll be waiting for you to come back again, master!”


According to the crowdfunding page the exact opening date and location of the MAID GYM has not been made public yet, but it will be “in an area within walking distance of Akihabara.”

The prices are listed as costing 7,500 yen (US$66) for 50 minutes, which includes a sports drink and protein drink. There is also a 10,000-yen membership fee to pay before your first session.

The prices are definitely a little high, but high prices are something that patrons of maid cafes are used to. Plus, all of the maids will also be trained in how to safely and optimally use the equipment, so the prices are somewhat comparable to hiring a personal trainer. There’s also the fact that the gym will limit the number of customers at one time to three, so including the three maids, there will be at most six people in the gym at once, making it a more quiet and private experience than the average gym.

For people who just need a little smiling encouragement to get out to the gym, it might be just the perfect thing for them.

▼ If I don’t go to the gym today, what will she think?!
I can’t let her down!


If you’re interested in following the progress of the MAID GYM, then check out their Facebook page. It will certainly be a grand opening to look forward to, though we have to wonder if they will take a page out of a Taiwanese maid cafe and hire some male maids as well.

Top image: CAMPFIRE