Commune with your comrades and enjoy a taste of some authentic, homemade Mother Little Sister Russia!

A few months ago we saw that Russian cosplayer Nastyan crowdfunded her way to opening Ita-Cafe, an all-Russian maid cafe in Tokyo. After exceeding her funding goals by over 1,600-percent, Ita-Cafe is now ready to open in Shinjuku for those who want to savor some Soviet sweetness.

For those unfamiliar with Nastyan, here’s a sample of some of her cosplays:

▼ Not everyone can pull off the GIRLS und PANZER
kawaii Russian military look, but Natsyan kills it.

▼ And a kawaii tank too?
Is there nothing she cannot kawaii-ify?!

And now Nastyan has turned that cosplay prowess of hers into a profession with the Russian-themed Ita-Cafe. Here’s a video showing off a recent taste test:

▼ Nastyan and her assistant preparing food by hand.


▼ Nothing says Russian home cooking more than a nice cold salad.


▼ And the obligatory shot of cute girls in
Russian military uniforms posing with said salads.


▼ “Now please be completely honest and tell us
how much you love the food on a scale from 10 to 10.”


▼ “It was good, yes?”


All jokes aside, Ita-Cafe’s food looks great. They just finished their first taste test and will be officially opening on October 16. But this won’t be any ordinary maid cafe; aside from authentic hand-made Russian food, they’re busy furnishing the cafe to give it the Russian atmosphere their patrons would expect.

▼ Including authentic Russian tea sets and tableware…

▼ …nesting dolls…

▼ …this delicious-looking thing…

▼ …that delicious-looking thing…

▼ …and of course, Vladimir Putin calendars.

If you’re in the Tokyo area and want to be one of the first to visit Ita-Cafe, then be sure to follow them on Twitter or Facebook. Just be careful because if you don’t follow Russian cosplay cafe, then Russian cosplay cafe follows you.

Source: YouTube/RT на русском via Hamusoku
Images: YouTube/RT на русском