Zara creates loungewear that looks like a Japanese school P.E. uniform

New fashion choice puzzles people around Japan.

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We take a cat yoga class at a Japanese rescue cat cafe

Stretch and relax with some friendly felines just a short train ride away from Tokyo.

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Adidas Shindo: Lose weight and release stress like a samurai with a wooden Japanese katana

Adidas exercise class takes its moves from Japanese samurai.

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Forget maid cafes! Lift weights and get jacked with cute girls at a MAID GYM instead【Video】

Do you even dust, bro?

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Real-world Pokémon gym location at Nagoya University gets made up like an in-game location

Augmented reality gets a taste of realism thanks to Pokémon fans in Nagoya.

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What do you call this sitting pose? Japanese netizens polled to find differences in dialect

Even when speaking with fellow English speakers, sometimes you realize that the same thing can be called a variety of names. (Try calling soda “pop” in most of the US and enjoy the funny looks you get.) The same is true in Japan, where, thanks to regional dialects, some people have a hard time being understood when they leave their hometowns.

One Twitter user recently brought regional dialect differences to the forefront of the Internet when he surveyed over a thousand people about the word they would use to describe a certain way of sitting. Collecting and plotting the data on a map of Japan, the results have been surprising people from all regions!

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