Here’s your chance to meet, and maybe even take language lessons from or tour Russia with, Russian cosplayer and maid cafe manager Nastyan!

There are a couple hundred maid cafes across Japan, but the soon-to-open ItaCafe, an all-Russian maid cafe, is perhaps the first of its kind. Led by cafe manager Nastyan (@nastyan_cos on Twitter), who is currently studying Japanese in Japan and has made a name for herself on Japanese cyberspace with her adorable cosplays, ItaCafe is set to open its doors this coming October.

▼ Check out some of Nastyan’s cosplays!

▼ Nastyan most recently attracted attention for her GIRLS und PANZER cosplay at Anime Japan 2016.

The cafe will not only house an all-Russian maid crew, they will also be serving authentic Russian fare. In preparation of its grand opening, Nastyan and team started a crowdfunding project on Campfire, seeking contributions to pay for the ingredients for all the cooking practice they’ll need to perfect their menu, as well as the ingredients that will be used in dishes to be served at food tasting sessions to be held prior to the opening.

A total of two food tasting sessions are scheduled, participation rights to both of which are available as rewards for pledging a sum of 11,000 yen (US$107). Apart from the opportunity to taste what’s cooking ahead of the others, the range of returns available also includes entry to the cafe’s opening party, one-on-one Russian language lessons, and even a group tour to Russia with the cafe’s very own maids.

Rewards available:

3000 yen (US$29) – Original New Year’s card (exclusive photo) + hand-written message.

6000 yen (US$58) – Original exclusive video message addressed to each individual patron.

9000 yen (US$87) – Camera (includes mobile phones with cameras) ticket which allows photography at food tasting sessions and/or opening party. Only valid for participants of food tasting session or opening party.

11,000 yen (US$107) – Entry to first food tasting session, 2 October 2016. (Limited to 30 patrons.)

11,000 yen (US$107) – Entry to second food tasting session, 9 October 2016. (Limited to 30 patrons.)

15,000 yen (US$146) – Entry to opening party, 16 October 2016. (Limited to 30 patrons.)

20,000 yen (US$194) – Individual Russian language lesson with one of the cafe’s maids. (30-minute lesson + 15-minute break + 30-minute lesson. Redeem by 30 November 2017.)

50,000 yen (US$486) – 3-hour private birthday party at the cafe with cake handmade by the cafe’s maids. (Redeem by 30 November 2017.)

1,000,000 yen (US$9,717) – All-expenses-paid 5-day group tour to Russia with the cafe’s maids. (Excludes personal expenditure. Travel by December 2017.)

With slightly less than a month left until the end of the crowdfunding period, ItaCafe has managed to collect a whopping 1,687,000 yen (US$16,393) from their supporters, way above their intended goal of 200,000 yen (US$1,943). The funds in excess will be spent on purchasing maid uniforms, tea sets, and other cutlery and equipment.

▼ Maid uniforms designed by cafe manager Nastyan herself!


It’s still not too late if you’re interested in supporting Nastyan and crew! The crowdfunding project is open till 27 September 2016.

If you’re already making plans to head down to ItaCafe, be sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for the most up-to-date information!

Source/images: Campfire

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