It’s almost as if it were meant to be.

I think it’s pretty much been confirmed that cats are the most mysterious animals on this planet. They have the freaky ability to see ghosts, walk through walls, sleep on uncomfortable cat-deterrent spikes, and despite being vicious, carnivorous hunters, they still manage to be absolutely adorable at everything they do.

Oh, and they absolutely love boxes.

You may already be familiar with Maru, the cat whose tubby roundness and obsession with boxes brought him internet fame. But now, Donguri the cat is here to show that box-love is a species-wide phenomena.

We’ve been introduced to Donguri’s cuteness before with photos of his strokeably-soft belly, but recently his human uploaded a video that is bringing him attention for a different reason.

“First time in a while to set out a postal shipping box,” the tweet reads, and we can see from the beginning of the video Don-chan (as he is lovingly nicknamed) checking out said shipping box, as cats do. With no hesitation, he pokes his head in under the flap and slinks right into the box as if he always owned it. The box is just the right size for him, so he curls up and the top flap closes him in, like a perfectly packaged present ready to mail off.

Donguri’s followers are in love with him and his perfectly-sized box:

“So cute! The fit is just right!”
“Too cute! I feel better after watching this.”
“Schrödinger’s cat!!”
“All he did was go into a box, why am I laughing so much?”
“Ship one to me please!”

Indeed, we would love to have a Donguri of our own shipped right to our front door, too! But until an efficient cloning machine is invented and there are enough Donguris to go around, it seems we’ll just have to enjoy him from afar.

Source: Twitter/ @akihimatandon11 
Top image: Twitter/ @akihimatandon11