Kitty Screen

This kitten won’t let anything get between him and his human.

While we know how curious cats can be, some cheeky felines can let curiosity get the better of them. This kitten from Japan is a shining example, proving that nothing can get in the way of a cat who wants to know what its human is doing at all times.

▼ Despite shutting the screen door for a moment of quiet downtime, this owner was suddenly interrupted by the sound of tearing paper. Looking over, this is what they saw.

After a short moment of intense staring, the cute furball slowly placed one foot inside.

As its confused human sat there, camera in hand, the kitten slowly crept inside, moving as if it thought it was shrouded in a cloak of invisibility.

▼ Yes, kitty – we see you!

It turns out this isn’t the first time the curious cat has tried to make its way inside to be with its owner, having left a kitten-shaped hole in the screen in a previous attempt.

Like its bemused owner, the internet immediately fell in love with the cute creature, gushing over the images with comments like:

“What an adorable thing to see!”
“If they made horror films like this, I would be so happy”
“These photos are so cute I can’t bear it!”
“Aww…I was surprised to see it come inside – I thought it would just sit there poking its head in!”
“Yes – this happens to me too; only my cat jumps through the paper screen like a lion jumping through a ring of fire at the circus.”

It appears that cats really do have a thing for clawing their way through Japanese shoji paper screen doors. To see more felines hanging out in paper screens, check out these cheeky kittens!

Source, Images: Twitter/@kanayag