We completely forgot we ordered this…and now wish we hadn’t.

One day, our Japanese-language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma arrived at work to find a strange package addressed to him. It came from China, so he assumed it was yet another low-rated Amazon product he’d decided to gamble on. They can take anywhere from a week to a month to arrive, so he just orders them as he finds them without regard to how long they might take, and he often forgets what he’s ordered by the time it arrives. They’re like mystery gifts from his past self.

On this particular package, the item listed under the “description of contents” section of the customs sticker simply said “Ornaments.” This didn’t help him at all since he frequently orders all kinds of decorative items.

It was pretty mysterious, and kind of exciting, like finding a Christmas present under the tree. He could always just check his Amazon order history, but that’s no fun. He wanted to be surprised.

He reached into the plastic envelope and found a small box, which still offered no hints as to what he’d ordered.

It looked like a ring box, the kind you pop open when proposing to your partner.

Masanuki still couldn’t remember what he’d ordered, but he was fairly certain he hadn’t ordered a ring.

Even though it was just a box, he couldn’t help the pounding of his heart. Suddenly he understood why someone would be excited to be surprised with one of these, why they might even want to cry.

With shaking hands, Masanuki opened the box…

…and heard a sound…


And now he wanted to cry for a very different reason.

“Did I really buy this??” he thought, and when he checked his order history, sure enough, there was a “Fart Butt Ring Box, Farts when it opens, Funny prank toy, Fun, practical surprise joke box,” which he’d ordered about a month ago for 1,040 yen (US$7.76).

▼ “Seriously, Past Self??”

Masanuki was so disappointed with himself that he had to make someone else suffer so he could feel better, so he put it on fellow reporter Go Hatori’s desk to await his arrival.

And about 30 minutes later…


“What? Who put this here? It’s so stupid!”

Takashi Harada, who’d just come in the door, innocently asked, “What is it?”


Takashi burst out laughing. Masanuki was able to avenge himself by torturing his two coworkers, which made him feel better.

This had obviously been something he’d ordered as part of his Amazon’s Lowest Rated Products series since it had a rating of a measly 1.6 stars. That seemed about right. Although, one of the reviews had said “It has its own special kind of cuteness,” which Masanuki did not understand at all.

Anyway, if a crudely made farting box is something you’re interested in, feel fry to buy one for yourself here.

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