One of the great debates about child development is over nature versus nurture—are we the product of our DNA or our environment in which we grow? Most scientists seem to come down somewhere in the middle, suggesting that both play an integral role in who we become.

We’re not about to start arguing with folks who have PhDs, but we have discovered one of the most adorable examples of how nurture plays a role in the wild—or, at least, out in someone’s home. This cute cat has mimicked its way into Twitter’s collective heart and elicited far more than its fair share of “D’awwwwwww!”

Japanese Twitter user @akihimatandon11 is the proud owner of one adorable scottish fold named Donguri, a breed whose specialties are apparently having a squeezable round face and imitating otters. It turns out Donguir is also at just the right age to be imitating other cats!

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“He’s at the age for imitating others.”

▼ You can see Donguri watching in the background…

meowz (1)

▼ …maybe a little intimidated by the other cat…

meowz (2)

▼ …but curious nonetheless!

meowz (3)

▼ “Well, all the cool kids are doing, so…”

meowz (4)

Of course, Twitter can’t say no to an adorable kitty that takes after its elders. Even if that kitty is actually almost five years old himself! Here’s what people had to say:

“It’s just like a four-panel comic!”
“This is just what cats do! My cats at home do the exact same thing!”
“I just can’t get over that adorable, fluffy tail!”
“There’s no difference between people and cats at this age, is there?”
“I thought it would be a young cat, but it’s surprisingly big!”
“It’s very human-like the way he waits for the other cat to leave…”

It looks like Donguri is also learning from another, slightly more famous cat

▼ We’re sure Maru would be proud!

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Donguri also apparently has some “daily special training” he engages in as well…

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And, finally, here’s the adorable cat doing his best imitation of an otter! The Twitter user supplied some insight into the cat’s thoughts here:

“Hey! By the way, where has that tweeting fellow gone?”
I’m on a trip right now…

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For a daily supply of adorable scottish fold action, be sure to follow Donguri on Twitter. And hopefully scientists will start including adorable cat photos in their papers to demonstrate complex principles. We’re sure it would improve scientific literacy rates around the world!

Sources: Twitter (@akihimatondon11), Hamusoku
Images: Twitter (@akihimatondon11)