Here at RocketNews24, we love cute animals! From Shiba Inu to fuzzy ferrets to sleepy hamsters, we’ve got your daily dose of d’aww covered.  So here is your latest fix: a kitten playing in a tissue box!

But wait! There’s more! This is not your ordinary tissue box. There’s a surprise waiting inside, so read on to see what it is!

Cute cat videos are what keeps the internet world going around, and Japanese YouTube user cat man captured these adorable moments of a fuzzy kitten playing in a tissue box for all to see. But everything isn’t quite as it seems….

Watch the full video here:

▼ It’s so fluffy! And cute! And- wait a minute….


▼ What’s that inside the box there?


▼ OMG there’s another kitten in the box! Be still, my melting heart!


▼ Hey mama cat, why so sad?
“I can’t fit in the box anymore….”


▼ All right, Mom’s gone. Now’s my chance!


▼ C’mon! You promised you would share and now it’s my turn!


▼ Yes, that’s it! Soon all the tissues will be mine!


▼ Everything this box touches is my kingdom.


Tiny kittens, tiny boxes – a match made in heaven. What will happen next to these cute tissue-loving kitties? Will Usurper Cat rule his newfound kingdom with compassion or an iron paw? Will mama cat ever find a box of her own to sit in? Stay tuned to cat man’s YouTube channel to find out!

Source: YouTube/cat man via CuRAZY
Images: YouTube/cat man