Cat Sleep

From happily preening to deep sleep in 0.5 seconds.

A visit to the online land of cute cats in Japan is one we always look forward to, and sometimes there are memorable felines there to welcome us again and again. Donguri, whose name translates to “Acorn”, is one such cat, who’s been making a name for himself with an adorable signature move: showing off belly while lying spread-eagled on his back. Now he’s hard at work yet again, this time showing how easily it is for a relaxed cat to drift off into the land of slumber.

▼ The short clip shows the Scottish Fold happily preening while laid out in his favourite position. After giving his human a quick stare to remind him who’s boss, the cat goes back to grooming.

Cat Sleep 3

▼ It doesn’t last long though, as Donguri suddenly stops and instantly falls asleep, oblivious to everything around him.

Cat Sleep 1

▼ The short clip is so adorable it’s already received more than 20,000 retweets and over 36,000 likes.

Fans of the cat are besotted with the sweet clip, lavishing him with compliments for his latest cute achievement.

“As expected, you’re as adorable as always!”
“Donguri, you always mange to cheer me up!”
“I love your belly!”
“That moment of deep sleep is too cute.”
“This is so relaxing I’m watching it on repeat!”

Donguri really is a fascinating cat to watch, whether he’s lying on his back…

…or playing with boxes…

…or even playing video games!

Be sure to visit him on Twitter to check out more of his cute photos and videos!

Source: BUZZmag
Top Image: Twitter/@akihimatandon11 (edited by RocketNews24)