While some are excited about the prospect, others… not so much.

The release of the newest installment in the Zelda series, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch and Wii U, is long awaited. The story follows hero Link after he awakens from a 100-year sleep to a mysterious voice which leads him to defeat the main antagonist of the game, Ganon. Now the first downloadable contents (DLC) for the game have also been revealed.

The “Expansion Pass” will be available for purchase on March 3, the same day that Breath of the Wild is to be released. With the purchase of the 2,500 yen (US$19.99) pass, players will have access to three bonus treasure chests containing exclusive equipment, located within the Great Plains. The contents of the Pass will be distributed twice throughout 2017, once in summer and again in winter. The summer DLC Pack 1 adds a new Cave of Trials challenge, new Hard Mode, and additional Map feature. The winter Pack 2 includes a new original story, new dungeon, and additional challenges.

Game producer Eiji Aonuma says he hopes the additional contents will provide players “with a place to play, explore, and enjoy for a long time.”

While some gamers are excited at the prospect of additional content, others weren’t so happy to hear the news:

“The cancer of the industry, incomplete games, now on Nintendo, just what we needed!!!”
“Sooo many years waiting and this is how you repay your loyal fans? At least some free content [expletive]”
“Why Nintendo? First, pay to play online and now this!”
“Hard mode behind DLC is a literal scam.”

Although the feeling seems to be neutral overall:

“I’m fine with paying for DLC and it makes sense for a massive open world game like BotW. Just don’t tell us this before the game is even out! Let people enjoy the game for what it is at launch and then announce DLC later.”
“People are cancelling preorders because they’re upset Nintendo announced DLC before the game release? Sweet, more copies for the rest of us.”
“I’m just glad that all the whining won’t stop the game from actually coming out on time. I’m buying it regardless.”

Views on downloadable content aside, we’re just glad the game will FINALLY be released soon! If you’re feeling antsy in anticipation, check out this Ghibli-inspired Zelda film trailer to help tide you over.

Sources: YouTube/ Nintendo, Nintendo via NetoLabo