Even local media reported news of Diaz’s visit, suggesting Bradley Cooper was by her side for the trip.

The jet set lifestyle of Hollywood celebrities means they can travel anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat, so it’s not uncommon for a well-known star to pop up unannounced on a small island in Southeast Asia. However, when they don’t post photos of their trip on social media, some people might get suspicious, and that’s exactly what happened recently, when American actress Cameron Diaz was apparently spotted at El Nido in Palawan, Philippines.

The popular tourist destination is well-frequented by foreign visitors, but when a tall, slender blonde walked into the I Love Backyard BBQ eatery, locals on the island went into a frenzy, thinking Diaz had come to visit.

This post on social media, captioned with “Guess who came by to visit us at I Love Backyard BBQ Palawan @camerondiaz?!?” was the post that started it all, with a #BradleyCooper hashtag hinting that the foreigner accompanying Diaz was believed to be fellow actor Bradley Cooper.

So was it really Diaz and Cooper at the restaurant? Scroll through the photos below so you can decide for yourself!

Staff at the restaurant later admitted that the visitor who looked like Cooper actually wasn’t the real deal, but they maintained that the blonde woman was Diaz, saying in a later Instagram story: “And she came back! It’s definitely Cameron but not Bradley.”

Local news outlets were also convinced they had a Hollywood movie star in their midst, with the Philippine Star newspaper, Cosmopolitan magazine, and news site ABS CBN reporting news that Diaz was on the island.

CNN Philippines reporter Charles Tiu also took to Twitter to report that Diaz was staying at the Vanilla Beach El Nido Property, in a now-deleted tweet.

However, Diaz made no mention of being in the Philipines on social media, so was Diaz really on the island?

▼ The real Diaz (centre), in Hollywood earlier this month.


After a heated online debate involving people from around the world, the general consensus is that this is definitely not Diaz, but a lookalike tourist instead.

Still, the owner of I Love Backyard BBQ Palawan says the woman claimed she was “the real Cameron”, and really, either way, it’s done wonders for their business.

▼ Camaron Rebosado is a staple food in the Philippines, made up of deep-fried battered shrimp dish served with a sweet and sour sauce.

While we know for certain that this was not Camaron Rebosado, whether or not this was Cameron Diaz remains a mystery that can only be solved by the actress herself. Hopefully she’ll comment on the issue soon, and while we wait to hear from her, we’ll be watching this clip of her husband Benji Madden singing in Japanese.

Source: Next Shark
Featured image: Instagram/@happyongpauco_tiu

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