A tale as old as time played on some instruments invented in olden times.

As working adults, we don’t always have time to sit down and enjoy our favorite movies from our childhood, but getting some work done while listening to our favorite songs is completely in the realm of plausible productivity.

And at the top of our list of favorites has to be the Disney songs from all the animated classics that inspire wonder and fond memories. Being such well-received works of art, musicians of all ages have loved to take the familiar tunes and add their own signature spin to them.

For the Singaporean Chinese group The TENG Ensemble, that meant adding in some traditional Chinese instruments to compliment the original melodies of several Disney songs.

The six-member ensemble pairs familiar modern instruments such as the guitar, keyboard and cello with lesser known instruments like the sheng (reed instrument with pipes), the pipa (four-stringed lute), and the guzheng (stringed instrument with flat base and 21 strings).

They expertly weave the instruments together giving us a chance to enjoy some new arrangements of our favorite Disney songs from Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Frozen.

▼ Can you spot each of the items that hint at each movie?


▼ Being attacked by Frozen confetti is all part of a day’s work.

If nothing else, this musical video inspires us to blow the dust off of some classics and sit down for a trip down memory lane. Or at least one more chance to rewatch the classics before the inevitable remakes and reboots ruin our childhoods forever.

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Source: Facebook/The TENG Ensemble via Stomp
Featured image: Facebook/The TENG Ensemble