This cat has a musical secret between its paws!

Whether or not it’s true, cats always seem to give off an air that they know something that humans don’t. You might witness them stealing something from a high surface you didn’t even realize was there or presenting dead offerings right in the path you normally walk, there’s a scheme to be had that the humans find out about much later.

Japanese Twitter user @HOMEALONe_ksk found his precious kitty sleeping with its front legs outstretched from its body and then daintily crossed at the paws. This position elicited curious suspicion from the owner who had never seen this particular sleeping style before. What plots had the dastardly cat hatched between its furry paws?

▼ Well, well, what do we have here?

Why, that’s a guitar pick! We can only assume that this cat has been practicing some guitar shredding skills while their human has been out. Perhaps even mastering some classics such as “Cat’s in the Cradle”, “What’s New Pussycat?” or “Eye of the Tiger?” No need to hide your talents, little kitty, we all would pay to see you live!

While this could certainly just be a simple case of a cat claiming a small object that it can bat around and chase, we’d much prefer to live in our fantasy world where cats learn to play musical instruments when we aren’t around. Rock on, kitty cat, rock on.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@HOMEALONe_ksk