The long-running duo are hoping to harness the power of the Information Age to solve a decades-old mystery.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the two-man rock group B’z, comprised of vocalist Koshi Inaba and guitarist Tak Matsumoto. Active since 1988, the two have managed to adapt their brand of rock to fit the ever changing style of the times with a very versatile lineup of albums.

In honor of this success, a special exhibition is underway called the B’z 30th Year Exhibition – Scenes 1988-2018. Held in Yurakucho, Tokyo, it will feature various memorabilia from the band’s long history, including equipment they’ve used.

However, one item that will not be in the collection is a pink Ernie Ball Music Man electric guitar owned by Tak Matsumoto from 1995 to 1997. During that time, it was used on national tours and can be seen on the cover for the “Mienai Chikara: Invisible One” single, photographed in the arms of its loving owner.

▼ Missing guitar, pictured far left

However, according to a statement on the B’z official website, on one fateful day in ’97 the instrument suddenly vanished from its storage space. At the time they searched every possible location for the guitar but to no avail. Eventually all leads dried up and the search was abandoned.

But thanks to improvements in technology, Matsumoto thought it would be worth a shot to try again using the connectivity of social media to find information about the guitar’s whereabouts. The band issued an all-points-bulletin on their website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

The guitar is described as a pink Music Man EVH model with the serial number 86255 and a crest on the head depicting a skull and the words, “go no further.” Matsumoto has no idea where the instrument went, but even after all these years his curiosity hasn’t faded. In fact, it is stronger than ever, on the assumption the guitar must have gotten around over such a long time.

Fans have been answering the call, spreading word about the missing guitar and sending wishes that Matsumoto and his Music Man will be reunited some day.

“I hope someone finds it; that guitar was important to Tak.”
“Everyone start looking!”
“So, was it stolen, or did they just lose it?”
“Hopefully he’ll be able to play Mienai Chikara again on it soon.”

An item can certainly travel far in twenty years, but this renewed search effort seems like a worthwhile effort.

Just recently there was a story of a Japanese camera that washed ashore in Taiwan after being lost at sea for two years. Within hours, the finders were able to track down its rightful owner, a college student in Tokyo. It took less than a day, and that was a needle in a haystack compared to a high-profile case like this.

Anyone who might have information regarding the guitar is asked to submit a form on the B’z website. The band stresses that no lead is too small, such as, “I think I saw a pink guitar on a pawn shop shelf in Montpellier once.” Certainly such open information harvesting will yield a significant number of hoaxes and rectal-related leads, but such is the life of a private investigator.

Source: B’z Official Website, Twitter/@Bz_Official, J-Cast News, My Game News Flash
Top image: B’z Official Website