They say you should spend at least three months’ salary when selecting an engagement meteorite, but this guy seems to have gone overboard.

A shopping district in Urumqi City of the Xinji Uygur Autonomous Region was treated to the extravagant wedding proposal of Liu Fei and Wang Fangfang on 14 March. Unlike other public wedding proposals that utilized classic romantic devices like flash mobs or jumbotrons, Liu Fei went all out and purchased a gigantic space rock to seal the deal.

After popping the question, helpful hands pulled back the red cover to reveal a whopping 33-tonne (36-ton) “meteorite” that was said to have cost him roughly 1 million yuan (US$145,000).

According to reports, while the couple were dating, a friend invited them to a collector of meteorites. While there, Liu Fei asked Wang Fangfang if she liked the space-rocks to which she replied “yes.” So, he inquired how to purchase one for that special day.

However, the news has caused many eyebrows to raise and question the validity of the “meteorite.” Even the most optimistic of news reports still seem to put cautious quotation marks whenever referring to the monolith as a “meteorite.”

The sheer size of it has been the source of most skepticism, although it is not unimaginably large. The Hoba meteorite is the largest one discovered weighing in at over 60 tonnes. That being said, at 33 tonnes, Liu Fei’s would still rank among the top three known to mankind… if it’s authentic.

▼ Hoba meteorite

Regardless, Wang Fangfang accepted his heavenly proposal and the two are happily planning who will have to sit next to the drunk uncle as we speak. Next to these precious memories, all the cosmic rocks in the world don’t amount to a hill of beans.

For the rest of us, let this be a simple reminder to always be on your guard when people try to sell you “meteorites.” On time a bunch of guys in a white van sold me a “2-ton meteorite” which turned out to be just paper mâché filled with high-end speakers. Worst 20 bucks I ever spent.

Source: Toychan, Liberty Times Net
Insert mages: YouTube/cn hket, Wikipedia/Eugen Zibiso