Instead of Pikachu, these creative Pokémon fans have chosen each other.

When my wife and I got married, we decided to have a very simple ceremony and reception, attended only by our parents, siblings, nieces, and nephew. Add in the fact that we have pretty similar aesthetic tastes, and we managed to plan the entire thing over the course of a few afternoons, sidestepping many of the time-consuming challenges that other couples have to deal with.

For example, we didn’t bother mailing invitations to anyone, since we could contact all of our guests with four phone calls to see when they would be available. But while I can’t say I regret missing out on scrutinizing dozens of stationery samples and fretting over which envelope to send out formal invitations to our ceremony, even I have to admit that the wedding invitation Japanese Twitter user @poco0v0 received from her friend is pretty awesome.

See, @poco0v0 is a pretty big Pokémon fan, and apparently her friend has a similar passion for the series, since the invitation looks like this.

The invitation opens in dramatic fashion with a portrait of the bride and groom drawn in the style of the Pokémon anime’s character designs, with each of them holding a Poké Ball. Underneath, @poco0v0’s friend ditches the stuffy “Your presence is cordially requested” for a much more dramatic phrase taken from the Pokémon game series’ combat scenes:

“NEWLEYWEDS [bride’s name] AND [groom’s name] WANT TO BATTLE!!”

The Poké-motif continues on the right half of the invitation, in which a blocky, Game Boy-like font lists the options “attend” and “not attend,” complete with the triangular cursor players use when making selections in the early games’ battle menus.

“This is so totally my friend’s style,” tweeted @poco0v0. Here’s hoping the sweetness shown in the invitation continues throughout the couple’s married life, and also that the guests at their reception aren’t too shocked when they kiss.

Source: Jin, Twitter/@poco0v0

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