Some people will go to any lengths to protect their goldfish.

Japan is quite well known for being one of the world’s safest countries, but that doesn’t mean crime here doesn’t exist. There are still pickpockets, cases of arson, and robberies occurring on the regular, and people here still like to take measures to protect themselves and their homes. Some may opt to keep a dog around the house, while others may invest in security locks and window shutters for extra safety. And still others may install security cameras in disembodied mannequin heads to scare the living daylights out of anyone who may be up to no good.

In an unspecified neighborhood in Japan, Twitter user @omott_ photographed and posted to their account one homeowner’s unique and positively horrifying method of crime prevention. The tweet has since been liked and retweeted over 22 thousand times.

In the first photo, we simply see a head that seems to be floating in mid-air, peering at us from around the side of the building. Closer inspection reveals a sign that reads:

“Security camera in use! Burglary is a crime! Sorry for surprising everyone. This is Miharu-chan, watching out for burglars. This is set up to prevent stealing of the goldfish and killifish. Take a look around for Mamoru-kun too!”

The name Miharu is written in the katakana alphabet because, while it can certainly be a girl’s name, it also means “to watch over” (見張る). The same with Mamoru, who we see peering out from the other side of the house. Mamoru can be a boy’s name but also means “to protect” (守る), so this clever person seems to have really put some thought into protecting their home, and their fish. And we seriously doubt anyone will want to mess with the mastermind behind all of this!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@omott_