Late last month, we got indisputable visual evidence (which is by no means to be confused with humorous photoshopped evidence) of something we’ve been suspecting for the last several years: U.S. President Barack Obama is a huge fan of cute girl anime.

Politics being what they are, the vice president tends to follow the president’s lead on major issues such as foreign affairs, economic policy, and what gets watched on the federal property DVD players after all those press conferences are over. So it’s only natural that images, every bit as convincing as those of President Obama, have now surfaced showing Vice President Joe Biden to be passionately infatuated with the teenaged idols of anime Love Live!

The source of the photos is Twitter user Neontaster, who’s either a crack investigative journalist or pretty handy with photo-editing software. While we can’t be sure which is responsible for this image, what we can say for sure is that that’s the 47th vice president of the United States whispering something into Maki Nishikino’s ear.

▼ The guy who bought the official Love Live! sports coupe is going to be so jealous.

The irony of cute girl anime is that while they present a smorgasbord of bubbly beauties, most otaku pick a favorite member of the cast and remain devoted to her and her alone. But then again, most otaku don’t occupy the second-highest office in the nation, which seems to be why Biden doesn’t feel the need to restrain himself from also putting the moves on Umi Sonoda.

▼ Does the former Delaware senator keep a cube-shaped disembodied head Love Live! cushion under the desk in his office?

As a matter of fact, there seems to be no stopping Biden from pressing the flesh over and around the clavicles of his 2-D crushes.

Seriously, Honoka there is only 16, meaning the 72-year-old Biden is more than four times her age! Isn’t it about time he stopped giving such enthusiastic shoulder rubs to the budding vocalists?

▼ Hey! We didn’t mean it’s time to start kissing them instead!

Seriously, where is Obama while all of this is going on? Shouldn’t he be keeping his second-in-command in line? What’s he so busy doing that takes precedence over saving these anime idols from being pawed by Biden?

▼ Oh…

It just goes to show you: The names of the politicians may change, but in any era, politics remains the same.

▼ How do you stop something that’s been going on since the ‘40s?

Source: Twitter via Kotaku USA