Disembodied heads are keeping watch over this Japanese home and terrifying the net

Some people will go to any lengths to protect their goldfish.

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Large Japanese mansion listed on Yahoo! Auction for cheap due to its macabre history【Photos】

If the price was a steal, would you be willing to move into a house where the previous owner was murdered?

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This horse conch left us both disgusted and fascinated

Nature is just…weird. There are no two ways about it: once you get out of the “normal” human areas of habitation, nature turns out to be absolutely freaky. And nowhere is it more bizarre, baffling, and unsettling than in the ocean.

Case in point, the above photo is entirely safe for work–but only if your job is in a nightmare factory. Click below to see exactly what this monstrosity is. Just don’t blame us if you don’t sleep or enjoy your dinner tonight.

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Someone Call an Exorcist! We Have a Serious Case of Demon Bread Here!

I’m sure there are many of you who like to bake your own bread. (I, unfortunately, lack the culinary skills to do so and have to resort to store-bought goods.) But bread doesn’t always turn out the way you intended, does it? It certainly didn’t when Twitter user korpi baked a batch of what was supposed to be harmless, wholesome cheese bread, and the pictures she shared on her account have apparently caught the attention of Japanese Internet users — with their shock value. But what could be so alarming about some pieces of bread? Read More

Plastic face? Leather face? Whatever you call it, this make-up is disturbingly freaky!

A particular series of pictures has been spreading rapidly over the internet recently. At first glance, they’re  just pictures that show a lady with her car, but wait – there’s something seriously creepy about her face! Read More