It’s out with elevator music and in with more of this!

The Lotte Tower in Seoul, South Korea opened its doors to the public on April 2, 2017 with a show of colorful fireworks. It’s the fifth tallest building in the world and contains areas for retail outlets, offices, apartments, luxury hotels, and an observation deck. Like all the best observation decks in the world, it’s located close to the top of the building which requires a long elevator ride to get to.

Many tall buildings and towers give you an outside view to show you exactly how high off the ground you are. But with so many other tall buildings in the world, that sort of thing has been seen and done before. So while this elevator could offer that same “lackluster” experience, Lotte Tower decided to create something wonderful for your eyes and your ears.

▼ Going up! (or…sideways?)

We can only imagine how it feels to be going up an elevator while the screens around you all indicate you’re moving sideways. Our experience with amusement park rides tells us that if the video display is out of sync with the movement, people might get motion sickness. However, maybe the constant movement of this elevator and swiftness of the ride makes it easy on the brain. The music also helps, as it is well-paired with the visuals, making the one-minute ride a truly memorable experience before you even get your first view of Seoul from high above the city. Not content with descending in boring darkness, the ride down also treats its riders with more amazing visuals and music.

▼ Going down!

The convenient thing about these beautiful screens is that it’s easy to change them when visitors grow tired of the visuals. We wouldn’t be surprised if Lotte Tower creates some high-flying video presentations to mark special occasions throughout the year. If nothing else, it will likely give you a reason to come back for another visit! While you are there, you can see the many other things that Seoul has to offer, so don’t feel like you need to ride the elevator up and down your entire trip.

Source: Otonarisoku
Featured image: YouTube/Sekyung Han