Japan’s Ikoma City prohibits using its elevators for 45 minutes after smoking

City Hall refuses to go up in smoke any more.
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A piece of Japanese business manners that many Japanese people could do without

Farewells can be sad, but in a Japanese business saying good-bye can be a pain because of the country’s elevator etiquette.

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The secret undo codes for Japanese elevator floor buttons

Elevate your elevator etiquette by deselecting a floor button you hit by accident.

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Japanese company builds elevator so fast it could “carry you to Mt. Fuji’s peak in three minutes”

But the elevator won’t be operating in Japan.

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Recently opened Lotte Tower in Seoul has magical elevator ride to the observation deck【Video】

It’s out with elevator music and in with more of this!

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Woman with alone time on an elevator does something incredibly unexpected

Once you leave the house in the morning, your alone time is usually done for the day. Aside from a nice long bathroom break, you probably won’t be able to hide away from the prying eyes of your co-workers or classmates until you get back home.

Unless you’re lucky enough to get an elevator all to yourself! But if you do, just remember one thing: The security cameras are probably watching your every move, so don’t do anything too peculiar.

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Life hacks from Japan: Cancelling a stop on an elevator, amazing curry and more

Have you ever gotten on an elevator in the lobby, pressed the button for the seventh floor, and then groaned with the realization that you needed the sixth? Or had to throw out a pair of scissors grown dull through years of use?

There are millions of small annoyances and frustrations that seem basically unavoidable. They’re not really serious, but wouldn’t it be nice if someone could go around making our lives easier? While that probably won’t happen until the robot revolution (come on, WALL-E!), there are a few tricks that you can use to fix these tiny frustrations, so join us after the break for some awesome life hacks from Japan!

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