Hungers carnal and culinary allegedly satisfied by group operating in capital’s Shibuya district.

Among the words you’re not likely to learn in Japanese class is nyotaimori. Literally meaning “served on a woman’s body,” nyotaimori generally refers to the practice of laying out morsels of sushi on the body of a naked woman.

Much like used panty vending machines, though, the prevalence of nyotaimori in Japan is often greatly exaggerated in foreign media. The vast majority of people in Japan have neither the desire nor opportunity to partake in a nyotaimori meal (though the practice served as the inspiration for one memorable lunch in our office).

However, the Tokyo metropolitan police say they’ve recently broken up a prostitution ring which offered, among other things, nyotaimori services. This group, though, which went by the name Scandal, didn’t use sushi for its nyotaimori meals, but instead covered the woman’s body with curry and rice, according to investigators.

Scandal also offered more mundane sexual services, such as dispatching call girls to customers’ hotel rooms. Primarily active in the Shibuya Ward of Tokyo, a total of eight alleged members of the group, including the 36-year-old man identified by the police as its leaders, have been arrested, with the police estimating Scandal’s activities as having brought in roughly 900 million yen (US$8.1 million) for the organization.

Police reports released so far don’t delve into the details of how exactly the nyotaimori curry rice was served and eaten. Placing pieces of sushi, with their flat, stable bases, on a human body is one thing, but curry rice is essentially shapeless, which is why it’s ordinarily served on plates with upturned rims or in bowls. It seems like pouring it over a woman’s body would cause it all to go sliding onto the table, and from there the floor, but if you’re the type of person who orders your food from prostitution rings, odds are your culinary choices aren’t dictated by practicality or cleanliness.

Source: Yahoo! News Japan/Nippon News Network via Otakomu
Top image: Gahag